About Green Biologics

Green Biologics is a renewable chemicals company focussed on developing and delivering new green alternatives for everyday products.

We are transforming the global chemicals market, providing customers with more sustainable and higher value products compared to petroleum-based alternatives.


Our world-class technology platform is built on both biology and chemistry founded on core expertise in advanced Clostridium microbial fermentation. This platform converts a wide range of sustainable feedstocks into high value green chemicals including n-butanol, acetone and, through chemical synthesis, derivatives for downstream formulations.


Our renewable chemicals are designed to be used in a wide range of industrial and consumer applications including:

  • High value consumer products
  • Paints, coatings, adhesives and inks
  • Personal care, cosmetics and fragrances
  • Food and flavour ingredients, health and nutrition
  • Household and industrial cleaners
  • Other industrials and specialties

The Company is headquartered in Milton Park, Oxfordshire, UK. The Company also has executive offices and pilot, demo and lab facilities in the US, and satellite offices in China, Brazil and India.


Green Biologics Ltd was founded in Oxford, England in 2003 by Dr Edward Green to develop and commercialise advanced microbial technology for the production of renewable chemicals and biofuels. The Company moved from an incubator site in Oxford to its current location in Milton Park, Abingdon in 2005.

Following its merger in 2012 with Butylfuel(tm) Inc. (now Green Biologics, Inc.), a renewable chemicals and biofuels company, the Company extended its operational presence and commercial focus to the US.

In December 2014, GBL acquired the assets of Central MN Ethanol Co-op LLC in Little Falls, MN. The acquisition included a 21 million gallon per year ethanol plant, which GBL repurposing to produce normal butanol and acetone, with planned start-up in 2016. Repurposed to produce bio-based normal butanol and acetone and started-up in late 2016.

Milton Park, Oxfordshire, UK

Ashland, VA, USA