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Green Biologics Ltd. is an industrial biotechnology and renewable chemicals company focussed on developing and delivering new green alternatives for everyday products from paints and inks to lubricants and brake fluids. Our advanced Clostridial fermentation process (AFP™) produces renewable n-butanol and acetone from a wide range of renewable carbon sources, and through chemical synthesis, we aim to produce a range of high performance C4 derivatives for downstream product formulations.

GBL is based out of Milton Park near Abingdon, Oxfordshire U.K. where we have offices and laboratories. We also have lab and pilot plant facilities in Gahanna, Ohio in the greater Columbus metro area. We have a demonstration facility in Emmetsburg, Iowa and we own an ethanol facility in Little Falls, Minnesota through an affiliate company, Central MN Renewables LLC. We plan to repurpose this plant to produce renewable n-butanol and acetone, with start-up planned in mid-2016; we will continue to operate the facility as an ethanol plant until 2016. We also have offices in Ashland, Virginia in the greater Richmond area, and satellite offices in Brazil, India and China.

GBL currently has around 100 employees, with around 35 people in our Little Falls, MN production facility, another 45 or so in R&D and scale-up - most of whom are involved in R&D, pilot plant operations or demonstration plant production. Many have a PhD or MSc. Around 35 are in Milton Park in Abingdon, UK with another 10 in Gahanna, Ohio.

GBL was founded in Oxford in 2003 and moved to its current location in 2005. On January 1, 2012, GBL merged with butylfuel™ Inc. (BF), a Gahanna, Ohio company founded in 1991. Since the 2012 merger, we now operate globally under the Green Biologics name with a core focus on renewable chemicals.

Our core products are renewable n-butanol and renewable acetone. Normal butanol is used extensively in paints, coatings and adhesives as both a solvent and a feedstock to derivative products used as solvents, coalescing agents, and monomers. We are focussed on n-butanol, acetone, and through chemical synthesis on high performance C4 derivatives that can be produced from our core technology platform chemicals.

As we accelerate our technology development, we see a need for additional resources in R&D and engineering/plant scale up, as well as business development, accounting and administration. We are an industrial biotechnology company, and we anticipate staffing needs in microbiology, chemistry and chemical engineering in particular.

We are a high performance, team-based organization. We're looking for solid team players who share our vision of a green economy powered by technology, sustainable chemistry and biotechnology, and a strong desire to leave our earth in better shape than we found it. Technical skills are important, along with an ability to communicate, work as a team player, and demonstrate a strong desire to help carry the vision of GBL to fruition. Solid skills in your fundamental career area are extremely important (e.g. engineering, microbiology, chemistry). Most of our new employees will hold a PhD or MSc degrees; technician positions require B.S. degrees.