Home and industrial cleaning products

The global H&I chemicals is a $45 billion market driven by sustainability, regulatory and environmental issues, and an increasingly sophisticated and aware end user. This in turn has driven product innovation, from packaging and branding to new advances in product formulations.

Green Biologics’ renewable n-butanol is a powerful green cleaning agent and a raw material for ethylene glycol butyl ether, a common ingredient in degreasers and hard surface cleaners. Our renewable n-butanol is also an intermediate in the production of butyl esters used to provide fragrance benefits in household cleaners and detergents. Our renewable n-butanol is HAPS-compliant and readily biodegradable. Additionally, our renewable bio-acetone is an extremely powerful and VOC-exempt biodegradable solvent, capable of removing ink, marker, and paint from metal and glass surfaces. Our renewable acetone is safe for use on almost all non-plastic surfaces.

Product Information: