Green Biologics Ltd. (GBL) was founded in Oxford, England in 2003 by Dr Edward Green to develop and commercialize advanced microbial technology for the production of renewable chemicals and biofuels. In 2005, GBL moved from an incubator site in Oxford to its current location in Milton Park, Abingdon. The Company now has over 7000 ft2 of lab and office space in Milton Park and another 4000 ft2 in their Ohio pilot plant and laboratories with 45 employees, most of whom have advanced degrees in microbiology, biochemistry or biochemical engineering.

GBL has raised over $40 million in equity financing from angel investors and venture capital firms, including Sofinnova Ventures, Swire Pacific Limited, Capricorn Venture Partners, Oxford Capital Partners, the Carbon Trust and Morningside Ventures. GBL has been recognized with numerous awards in Europe and in the U.S. including the Cleantech 100 list, the Clean Connect 30 list, the 30 Most Transformative Technologies list, and the coveted New Energy Pioneer Award from Bloomberg News.

On December 2, 2013 GBL and the Central Minnesota Ethanol Cooperative (CMEC) mutually agreed to an Asset Purchase Agreement (APA) in which CMEC's assets will be acquired by GBL, with the expectation that GBL will take ownership in 2014. CMEC owns and operates a 23 million gallon per year ethanol plant in Little Falls, Minnesota. Upon execution of the APA, Green Biologics will begin converting the facility to production of renewable n-butanol and acetone, along with co-production of other high value oils and animal nutrition products.

GBL retains substantial intellectual property in microbial development of Clostridia biocatalysts, as well as advanced fermentation and product recovery technology that provides a unique platform in renewable chemicals. The Company has commercial projects underway in North America, China and India and is evaluating several commercial options in Brazil. We aim to be a leader in commercial production of renewable C4 chemicals, and we're keenly interested in partnering with companies who share our vision for sustainable and renewable chemicals.