Mission and Values

We believe in our values and our vision. It’s clear in our behaviour and in the way we do business. We are passionate about green.

We want to play a key role in transitioning the world from a fossil-based economy to a sustainable economy. Our core values are built on collaboration, creativity, accountability, trust and teamwork.

We strive to:

We challenge ourselves to do better, to be significant; to do our best; to make an impact for society.

We are creative problem solvers; our science matters. We strive for technical excellence and we work together to overcome challenges with creative solutions.

Our innovation and collaborative culture is built on trust. We keep our promises. Integrity is embedded in all that we do.

We work as a team, both within our organisation and with our partners. We are committed to high performance teamwork.

Our focus is in the marketplace. We work closely with our partners to add value for their customers. We are committed to all stakeholders: our investors, our customers, their customers, our employees, our suppliers, and the communities where we operate.

We work hard, and we enjoy what we do. We respect differences and we respect one another. We value teamwork and we value ideas. We listen.