Green Biologics’ Clostridium fermentation platform converts a wide range of sustainable feedstocks into high performance green chemicals.

We combine advanced, high productivity fermentation utilising superior-performing Clostridium microbial biocatalysts to produce renewable n-butanol and acetone. Our library of proprietary Clostridium microbes are generated using classical techniques and novel synthetic biology tools, resulting in unique competitive advantage. Through chemical synthesis, we aim to produce derivatives of n-butanol and acetone with optimal performance in downstream product formulations.

Our high performance technology platform is built on:

  • World-class Clostridium microbiology
  • Innovative metabolic engineering and synthetic biology
    Generating proprietary Clostridium microbial biocatalysts with optimal performance to convert industrial sugars into high value chemicals
  • Proprietary and commercially scalable advanced fermentation process technologies
    Providing platform chemicals that can be converted to other high value chemicals through synthetic chemistry
  • Utilisation of sustainable feedstocks
    Including agricultural residuals, wastes and other cellulosic feedstocks

Technology Locations

The Company is headquartered in Milton Park, Oxfordshire, UK where it maintains its core microbiology laboratories. The Company also has a pilot facility at its main production plant in Little Falls, Minnesota, and product development laboratories in Ashland, Virginia.

UK Laboratories
Ohio Pilot Plant
Iowa Demo Plant