About Green Biologics

Green Biologics is a renewable specialty chemicals company focussed on developing differentiated, value-added products and solutions that drive customer profitability.and committed to providing customers with high performing, sustainable, and value-added products compared to petroleum-based alternatives.


Our world-class technology platform is founded on advanced Clostridium microbial fermentation. This platform converts a wide range of sustainable feedstocks into high value green chemicals including n-butanol, acetone and – through chemical synthesis – derivatives for downstream formulations.

Green Biologics’ processes minimize waste and energy and improve product purity and performance in downstream product formulations. Green Biologics also possess extensive formulation and chemical synthesis capabilities that can help customers develop new, sustainable products and applications without sacrificing performance.

Why It Matters

Our renewable n-butanol and acetone generate lower emissions and contain fewer impurities of concern compared to petroleum-based alternatives without sacrificing product performance. They perform as well as or better than fossil-fuel derived n-butanol and acetone, as they are molecularly identical to petro-derived equivalents.

As end consumers become more aware of the potential health impacts of these contaminants, it is critical that our renewable n-butanol and acetone don’t have the common impurities that petroleum distillates incur.

Plus, Green Biologics biobased feedstocks are decoupled from the tight supply and volatility experienced in the petrochemical supply chain. Our risk management expertise allows us to offer a range of pricing options to minimize volatility that allow customers to lock-in raw material costs and take control of their margins.


Our renewable chemicals are designed to be used in a wide range of industrial and consumer applications including: