Green Biologics is the largest commercial supplier of renewable acetone. Our acetone (c3-one™) is produced through fermentation of sugars from renewable feedstocks, resulting in a high purity, renewable solvent for personal care, extraction and coating applications.

Green Biologics’ 100%, renewable acetone is molecularly identical to acetone produced from petroleum, but does not contain materials of concern like benzene, phthalates and other phenol derivatives. It can be directly substituted into existing applications and formulations as well as being used to develop high-performing green substitution products. A hallmark of acetone’s utility is its absolute miscibility with water and most organic solvents. It is increasingly being used as a chemical intermediate in the production of a variety of functionalized compounds.

Less volatile, more stable pricing as compared to petroleum-based products
Higher purity with improved efficiencies
Drop-in replacement requiring no Management of Change
Tailored & flexible service, including technical support, logistics, and consignment

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