Consumer Products

Sales of natural, organic and healthy consumer packaged goods are on the rise and expected to grow at a far greater rate – up to 4 times – than mainstream products. Today’s consumer wants to be aligned with products and companies that are honest, eco-minded, and stand for something – meaning values are just as important as value.

However, shoppers are also becoming increasingly skeptical of product claims, and expect their “green” products to work! Transparency with consumers has never been more important – and efforts to stand by product performance coupled with efforts to clearly explain ingredients are keys to retail product success.

We leverage our renewable chemicals technology to develop high performance, naturally-formulated consumer products. Brands with the right certifications from the right organizations have an instant advantage in winning trust from consumers. We supply our customers with 100% bio-based ingredients and branded products that deliver the superior performance their product users expect that are free of the contaminants that petro-chemicals suffer from.

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