Our Journey

Green Biologics Ltd (GBL) was founded in Oxford, England in 2003 to develop and commercialise advanced microbial technology for the production of renewable chemicals and biofuels.

GBL extended its operational presence and commercial focus to the US in 2012 and acquired a 21 million gallon per year ethanol plant (known as Central Minnesota Renewables) in Little Falls, MN., in 2014. The site has been repurposed to produce n-butanol and acetone using Green Biologics’ proprietary advanced fermentation technology and started production in 2017.

GBL is now focused on product and market development for our n-butanol and acetone in markets and applications where our differentiated, value-added products and solutions help drive customer profitability. In addition to ramping up the plant, GBL is developing formulations and n-butanol and acetone derivatives that meet the performance and sustainability needs of our customers: