Paints, coatings, adhesives and inks

Looking for raw materials that will enhance your current formulas and improve your sustainability profile?

Green Biologics is a leader in providing innovative solutions for the coatings market. Our renewable, high-performance n-butanol (nC4-OL™) and acetone (C3-ONE™) can be used as solvents in a number of paints, coatings, adhesives and ink applications, giving you the opportunity to design high-efficiency formulations.

The high purtiy of our products eliminates additional processing steps to remove impurities, mask odor, or eliminate aldehydes found in petrol-based butanol. Our molecule is, however, idential to n-butanol and acetone produced from petroleum feedstocks – which allows for direct drop-in to existing applications and formulations – to provide you with a premium product and performance characteristics.

Less volatile, more stable pricing as compared to petroleum-based products
Higher purity with improved efficiencies
Drop-in replacement requiring no Management of Change
Tailored & flexible service, including technical support, logistics, and consignment
LEEDS credits applicable
Market overview
  n-butanol for Coatings