Our Products

Problem-solving and innovation are at the forefront of everything we do, with a new products roadmap and a desire to collaborate on untapped opportunities in the specialty chemicals space.

We specialize in high value product applications, using our bio-based chemicals platform to offer better performing, more natural solutions to the marketplace. Our technology combined with our product development capabilities allows us to be a leader in the renewable specialty chemicals business, developing proprietary, high-performance solutions for a number of markets including personal care, consumer fuels, specialty coatings, and household chemicals to name a few.

So why does sustainability matter?

Green products are expected to grow at a much faster pace than standard consumer product goods, with a premium price point. Trends show consumers desire to be associated with companies that have values and stand for something. Millennials, in particular, are a growing group of spenders who favor products marketed as ethical, sustainable or environmentally friendly. The statistics are numerous, but the bottom line is “green” is growing, and we are here to support the evolution towards a more sustainable economy in the years to come.

Finally! A way to help eliminate the volatility of your raw materials pricing.

Green Biologics recognizes that one of the biggest issues you face is month-to-month volatility of raw material pricing. These fluctuations have a profound effect on every aspect of your business, and are virtually impossible to manage. Until now. Read More