Our Technology

Our technology is the core of our business and enables us to deliver high-value bio-based products to our customers and their marketplaces. We combine proprietary and commercially scalable advanced fermentation process technologies with our superior-performing Clostridium microbial biocatalysts to produce renewable n-butanol and acetone. Additionally, leveraging our robust application and product development capabilities we can produce formulations and derivatives of n-butanol and acetone for a variety of downstream products.

Clostridium microbial biocatalysts
We currently hold the world’s most comprehensive library of solventogenic Clostridium microbial strains which are used as biocatalysts as part of our advanced fermentation processes. Our high performance, industrial strains are capable of delivering high yields of bio n-butanol and bio-acetone during fermentation.

We use a combination of techniques to continually improve strain performance and produce new high value products:

  • Adaptive lab evolution technology allows us to improve strain performance and tolerance to inhibitors, whilst maintaining non-GMO status.
  • Our patented CRISPR/Cas based proprietary CLEAVE™ gene editing technology enables us to make targeted modifications to expand our product range beyond bio-acetone and bio n-butanol and will pave the way for the next generation of our renewable chemical platform.

High productivity fermentation combined with patented solvent removal technology
Our highly efficient fermentation technology can be used for the conversion of both corn starch and cellulosic derived sugars into renewable specialty chemicals. Compared to traditional fermentation methods, our platform allows us to make bio-based solvents through a process that can compete in the marketplace with petro-derived equivalents.

The chart below illustrates our current production process.