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As a socially responsible company Green Biologics is developing technologies for the production of renewable chemicals that reduce GHG emissions, and create rural jobs to a sustainable economy. We want to play a key role in transitioning the world from a fossil fuel-based economy to a sustainable economy, and our company on core values around collaboration, creativity, accountability, trust and teamwork.
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13 December 2016
    Green Biologics Begins Customer Shipments at First Commercial Plant /  

29 November 2016
    Green Biologics Receives USDA Certification /  

1 November 2016
    Green Biologics Announces Partnership with HOC Industries /  

31 October 2016
    BUTANEXT: Future of Clean Fuels Presented at E2KW in Paris /  

12 October 2016
    Green Biologics Announces New Brands for High Purity, Bio-Based Products /  

3 October 2016
    Green Biologics Selects Caldic as its EU Distribution Partner /  

7 September 2016
    Green Biologics and Acme Hardesty Launch Bio-Based Esters for for Personal Care … /  

1 September 2016
    Demonstration project started for the conversion of woody biomass to chemicals /  

8 August 2016
    Green Biologics: Selling commodities as specialties /  

1-14 August 2016
    Corn-to-butanols project on track /  

3 March 2016
    Green Biologics Partners with Acme Hardesty /  

7 April 2016
    Green Biologics Selects Nexeo Solutions as its U.S. Distribution Partner /  

16 February 2016
    Ethanol to n-butanol in the Land of 10,000 Lakes /  

January 2016
    The Promise of Renewable Chemicals /  

29 January 2016
    Green Biologics Named in the 2015 Global Cleantech 100 /